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It Only Takes 1 Hour to Unlock New Business Insights and Heights…

No middlemen, no sales pitches, no upsells.

I’m so confident I can make my experience work for you that I’ll take all the risk: I will give you a free 1-hour review of your current accounting situation. You’ll get personalized time, one on one with me.

You, me, and an hour to go over obstacles in your bookkeeping, reporting issues in your business, or anything you want to do a deep-dive on regarding financial analysis.

More than Just Bookkeeping

I believe in being as hands-on as possible in my own business. That’s why it’s an about me page rather than “us.” You’re getting my full attention, focus, and background for bookkeeping and beyond.

I have been working in accounting/administrative-related roles since 1992. Based on the deep well of experience I gained, I decided to go into business for myself in 2015 and went fully solo in 2017.

Quite honestly, it will take a lot to stump me regarding office requirements, as I have a strong HR and administrative background. I’m willing to go the extra mile to uncover insights often overlooked by pure bookkeeping services.
Do they have the insight that comes from working directly in over a dozen industries?
Will they make sure that you feel supported from start to finish?

I always invite questions; you can’t learn if you don’t ask. I am in the business of learning every step of the way so that I always have the best tools possible to serve my clients.

When you work with me, you are getting a team player that will work consistently on the vision you set, helping with any decision-making process you aren’t fully comfortable handling solo.

I like to provide a true “done for you” service and encourage my clients to authorize me as their CRA representative. This means you never have to deal with the CRA again; leave it in my hands, and I’ll take care of the rest!

Do Your Financials Fizzle or Sizzle?

Good financials take your business to new heights. If you want funding in the future, good financials can be seen as the stepping stone to attracting solid investor interest. Well-organized books signal to investors that you’re in business and plan to stay in business for the long run.

Clean financials are at the heart of my bookkeeping services: no shortcuts, no cut corners, and no misrepresentation. Payroll is always recorded correctly, with paystubs issued electronically. Direct deposit is the default; after all, employees want to get paid as soon as possible.

When we pay people via payroll, we pay them on promise. Let me help you uphold the original and unspoken promise to your employees through payroll handled with care from start to finish.

Bring Administrative Concerns to a Close – Fast

I am proud to stand at the intersection between bookkeeping, administration, and tax preparation. However, it’s the administrative background that may be of immense and immediate help to business owners.


Because it’s hard to iron out administrative details when you’re growing quickly or when you’re a sole proprietor. If you’re wearing more hats than a coat rack right now, it’s a great time to contact me about some administrative review and support.

I want you to feel like I am a part of your team, ready to step in and handle conflicts so you don’t have to do it alone.

My clients enjoy that I can go above and beyond the traditional accounting/bookkeeping roles, branching out to corporate tax preparation and filing, as well as deep administration process management.
How you handle business administration is even more important as the business environment becomes more competitive internally and externally. How do you keep employees? How do you handle conflicts in paperwork? How do you bring in new employees without driving productivity down?

I can and have handled those concerns in the past, and I’d love to chat with you about your current business needs. Contact me today for your free 1 hour session.

Get Started the Easy Way

No need to be in the same province! I can use your accounting software in the cloud or via TeamViewer and document scanning. I can provide a backup of all your financial files, so if something happens to your business, you can be back up and running in 24 hours.

Scanning of your paperwork is available; I can provide you with a digital copy of all your documents or just the items you prefer.

My services cost less than a part-time bookkeeper in most cases, and I will customize the service to meet your budget and business needs. If getting out of the office is difficult, I can even pick up and deliver for a low surcharge.

Fully customizable virtual bookkeeping and administrative process management services for small businesses looking to grow and thrive in today’s fast-paced, high-stakes world. Don’t go it alone; I’ve got you.

Please feel free to contact me; I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

Simply provide me your receipts, bills & invoices in a folder, and I do the rest.


No more frustrating and complicated data entry to spend your hours working on!


Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual information to help you improve your business’s profits.


Guaranteed through my experience and ongoing training.


Financial statements and reports to help you build your business.


Bookkeeping and Income Taxes that are worry free!